About Us

Our Mission: Better starter cultures

Cutting Edge Cultures began with an entrepreneur, a cultured foods enthusiast, a microbiologist, and a belief that the status quo in probiotics needs to improve – for your health, and ours. Call it idealism if you like, but the desire to do things right drove us to create a radically-improved starter culture. We’re firm believers in the idea that your gut microbiome is a key part of your overall health. We set out to make a starter culture to catalyze the natural lacto fermentation process, and deliver more probiotic benefits, faster and safer than what’s already on the market.

Healthier Fermented Vegetables

Vegetables for fermentation

A slow drop in pH gives molds, yeast, and harmful microbes the chance to thrive. Your family deserves better than that. When we realized the room for improvement in existing starter cultures, we set to work. We’re only human, and we’ve got families, too.

Along the way to a better culture, we faced some struggles. See, we’re confessed idealists. There are some things we just won’t do, like mess around with genetic codes or use animal by-products in our starter cultures. Finding alternatives took some time, but it was worth it.

If you’ve been actively fermenting for a while, you know that a quick vinegar marinade doesn’t offer the same benefits as rich, living lacto-fermentation. Every strain of probiotic bacteria has a vital role to play. At Cutting Edge Cultures, we make sure they work together harmoniously to improve gut health – not to mention the taste of your fermented veggies!

Unshakeable Starter Culture Standards

Using the latest research on probiotics and not swaying from our commitment to creating a vegan and non-GMO culture, we created a starter culture that gives you what you deserve – a quicker pH drop than every competing starter culture we tested against.

High Standards, Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy-Free

Unexpected Benefits

And guess what? The quick pH drop offered something we didn’t expect when we started. From better cultures come better-tasting fermented vegetables – a fact we were excited to discover and proud to taste.