How to create whey?

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2022 Sep 28th

How to create whey?

Cultured dairy often spontaneously separates into solids and liquids (curds and whey).

Whey is highly nutritious and is often dubbed ‘liquid gold’. You can use it to make this delightful cultured chocolate beverage or a vinaigrette, or just drink it up like that. It's tangy and refreshing.

But what if your jar of cultured dairy came out perfectly uniform, not one drop of whey in sight?

Is there still a way to extract whey out of it?

Yes there is! When there's a will, there's a 'whey'!

In fact, there are two methods to extract whey from a dense batch:

  1. Strain the batch through a cheese cloth and let the whey drip into a bowl for several hours.
  2. Dig in. As simple as that. Just scoop out a couple of spoonfuls of the ferment, and then wait for several hours. The breaking of the surface will result in the formation of whey. (See picture)

The jar in the picture is of a yogurt made with our Yogurt Plus starter culture, a product that doesn't separate on its own.