Do You Have Questions About Fermenting Vegetables at Home?

The internet is full of information, and misinformation. If you’re looking for resources to help you master the art of fermenting vegetables at home, check out the following companies’ sites. We love the content they produce and think you’ll find them extremely helpful, and we trust them enough that we’ve decided to sell our cultures on their sites, too.

Fermentation can be fun and easy, but it’s also addictive. In a few weeks, you’ll be looking for info on how to make even more things from scratch. Luckily, this kind of addiction can keep you healthy. The following resources will help you adjust to the new lifestyle, identify what’s good for you – and what’s not so good, and create some scrumptious eats.

Cultured Food Life

Cultured Food Life

The ultimate site for how-to articles on making probiotic goodies at home, Cultured Food Life’s blog is known for it’s friendly tone and personal connection. Donna Schwenk tells stories of fermenting vegetables at home, and the impact that fermented foods have had on her and her husband’s lives. The personal connection she offers, together with the information and recipe-packed posts make this one of our favorite blogs.

Wise Choice Market

wise choice market

Home to Paleo-friendly whole foods and fermented foods, Wise Choice Market is a household name for most people who are keen on staying healthy. Their blog is a relatively new addition, but includes lots of useful information, a dash of humor, and an in-depth look at some of the most fascinating fermented foods, meats, and trends.The duo that writes this blog is also fond of fermenting vegetables at home, and sometimes shares their personal fermentation adventures on the blog. It’s a must-read for anyone who is on the hunt for a healthier lifestyle, and the articles are usually friendly for gluten-sensitive readers, as well.

Cultures for Health

cultures for health blog

Written by a full team of writers, cooks, and people who love fermenting vegetables at home, the Cultures for Health blog is an excellent resource for reviews, recipes, and visually-rich, quick posts. We love Shannon and the team’s writing, but we’d read their blog just to see the images, as well. If you don’t have much time to sit and read, but would love to learn more about a fermented foods lifestyle, make sure to read this blog.