L. Gasseri Research

We made a batch of cultured dairy with our L. Gasseri Superfood starter, and sent it to be analyzed at the Europhins Microbiology Lab Madison.L. Gasseri

Here is a summary of the results: 

  • Live cells per 1 gram of superfood: 2.6 Billion  

What does this mean?

When you consume a half-cup serving (about 118g) of L. Gasseri Superfood, the number above needs to be multiplied by 118:

  • A half-cup of cultured dairy L. Gasseri Superfood contains about 306 Billion live bacteria.

For comparison, most L. Gasseri supplements that we know of currently on the market, have a count of 10-12 Billion per capsule. 

L. Gasseri Superfood made with Cutting Edge Cultures' L. Gasseri Superfood starter packs about 30 times the punch of most supplements.

 Disclaimer: The above information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease