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Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) is one of the most important gastrointestinal (GI) microbes of the thousand or so species in the human intestinal microbiome. It is likely a “keystone” species, a species that is important for the proliferation and metabolism of numerous other microbes*.

L. Gasseri Superfood may look, taste, and smell like yogurt, but it is not a yogurt. It's a cultured dairy, made with L. gasseri -- a completely different  bacteria  than yogurt.

Our unique L. Gasseri Superfood Starter was conceived as a method of introducing high quantities of this beneficial probiotic microbe into your microbiome. We do that by fermenting the starter culture in dairy for 36 hours at a low temperature, with the addition of prebiotic fiber.

This ‘low and slow’ method enables the L. gasseri to proliferate many times over, until there are hundreds of billions of live probiotic bacteria in the jar.

The resulting concentrations of L. gasseri are much higher than can be obtained from supplements*, and from yogurts, including homemade ones, which are typically fermented relatively quickly.

The end-product is a rich, thick, delicious, pleasantly-tart, and super-healthy cultured dairy product.*

Restoring your gastrointestinal tract is among the most powerful strategies you can apply for health, both physical and emotional*.

And there's a bonus, too!  Once you've made a batch of L. Gasseri Superfood, you can use some of it to culture your next batch!

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