10 Sticker Sheets

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Product Overview

Use our stickers to label your jars!

Always know what's in your jar and when it was made. 

Write the date and contents on a sticker, and apply it to your jar.

You need plenty of labels when you ferment. 

With our stickers, you'll be able to quickly identify each jar, even when making several jars of similar content. 

  • Stickers stay in place over time without peeling, including in the fridge, and are easy to remove, with no sticky residue.
  • Stickers strongly adhere to regular and wide-mouth canning jars, bottles, containers, and other types of jars, too.
  • Individual sticker size: 2-inch diameter
  • You will get 10 sheets, each containing 6 stickers = 60 stickers.

No more guessing what's in your jar or when you last made it. With our stickers, all this information is visible.

Tip! To reuse your stickers, use a pencil when writing on them. When needed, simply erase the previous text with an eraser and write new text with a pencil.    


(No reviews yet) Write a Review