Don't throw 'a-whey' your whey!

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 May 12th

Don't throw 'a-whey' your whey!

Whey is a nutrient-rich translucent liquid that occurs naturally in dairy fermentation.

Separation of dairy into curds and whey during fermentation is common and happens spontaneously. 

The whey contains many nutrients, is pleasantly tangy (the hallmark of active fermentation), and is commonly referred to as 'liquid gold'.

While we cannot assess your ferment from afar, the general principle is that whey should be pleasant to consume. Normally, whey is flavorful. If your whey is nicely sour with no bitter aftertaste and no spoiled smell, you can use it. (But don't use it if it's unpleasantly pungent. This will be your call.)

Some people find this separation unappealing. We understand. 

We'd like to equip you with a few recipes, should you decide to give your whey a chance. Check out these recipes.

And to those who already use whey, we'd like to say, Whey to go! 

By the whey, keep some of your whey as a starter for your next batch.