The 'signature' sourdough bread

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 Oct 5th

The 'signature' sourdough bread

Homemade sourdough bread is an unbeatable delicacy.

We've recently made a 'signature' sourdough loaf!

Well, kind of. 

And not intentionally.

We discovered that one of our baking molds had a brand name engraved on the bottom, resulting in our sourdough loaves coming out 'signed' with the manufacturer's brand name...

And here it is enlarged:

Our family members found this quite amusing.

Some entertained the idea of ordering baking molds engraved with their names for future personalized loaves.

One family member even proposed to etch some inspirational quotes (or better yet, entire passages from best-selling books) onto the bottom of all our baking molds and open a boutique at the farmers' market to sell those inspirational breads for a premium price, given their educational value and positive effect on both body and mind.

Who knows, maybe we're setting a new trend?

Either way, we sure did enjoy our signature loaf!

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