Battle of the Yogurts: store-bought or homemade?

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 Mar 15th

Battle of the Yogurts: store-bought or homemade?

Homemade yogurt

Which one is better: a store-bought yogurt or a DIYed one?

The answer would depend on what you're looking for.

A yogurt from the store is more convenient. It requires no effort and no time on your part except for popping to the grocery store. In our busy world, this convenience should not be underestimated.

A homemade yogurt, on the other hand...

  • is unbeatably fresh
  • has an unmatched living flavor
  • gives you full control over the ingredients
  • allows you to ferment for longer (which is better in the yogurt world)
  • is cost-effective
  • is gratifying
  • reduces plastic waste
  • teaches a life skill
  • honors an ancestral tradition
  • contributes to your food independence 

If you like the idea of fermenting your own yogurt at home, make sure you get high-quality dairy and the finest yogurt starter culture.

The yogurt parfait in the picture was made with our Yogurt Plus probiotic yogurt, into which we added some fresh fruit, soaked nuts, and healthy cereals. 

Simple and exquisite!