Can store-bought yogurts beat that freshness?

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2024 Apr 2nd

Can store-bought yogurts beat that freshness?

Just look at the freshness oozing out of the picture! Can a store-bought yogurt beat that?

You're looking at an exquisite homemade probiotic fruity yogurt treat (made with our probiotic Yogurt Plus starter)

One of the primary perks of homemade yogurt is the ability to control what goes into it. Unlike store-bought varieties, which often contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and additives to enhance flavor, homemade yogurt allows you to fully customize your yogurt treat.

A homemade yogurt:

  1. has no artificial sweeteners and no added sugars
  2. has no additives or unrecognizable ingredients
  3. is super fresh
  4. is a wholesome food
  5. has a living flavor
  6. is probiotic-rich
  7. has been only minimally processed
  8. is fermented for an optimal duration without any shortcuts

Enjoy a yogurt treat without the extra sugar!

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to various health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Lowering sugar content promotes healthier eating habits and supports overall wellness.

Homemade yogurt is fresher and more wholesome than commercial yogurts.

Commercial yogurts often undergo extensive processing, which can degrade their nutritional value and beneficial bacteria present in the yogurt. A yogurt you make yourself, by contrast, is activated with live cultures that preserve its probiotic properties and maximize its nutritional benefits.

If you're looking for a premium probiotic yogurt starter culture, check out our Yogurt Plus starter.