Make probiotic frozen yogurt in 3 minutes

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2022 Apr 15th

Make probiotic frozen yogurt in 3 minutes


We made yogurt with our probiotic Yogurt Plus starter and turned it into frozen yogurt.

Instead of using the freezer, we were creative. We placed a bowl of frozen fruit in the middle of the dining table, set the yogurt jars around it, and invited everybody to dip frozen fruit in those jars. 

The yogurt soon froze and formed a frosty white layer around the fruit. 

And voilĂ ! Frozen yogurt. 

As simple as that.

So there, an easy and healthy dessert for the entire family.

And now all you need is a rich and creamy homemade yogurt.

Make your own probiotic yogurt from scratch with our Yogurt Plus starter culture