Make rich probiotic yogurt at home!

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2022 Nov 18th

Make rich probiotic  yogurt at home!


Nothing compares to the exquisite flavor of a fresh DIYed yogurt.

Making your own yogurt gives you full control over what goes in it, and ensures that it has no added sugars, artificial flavors, or any mystery ingredients.

Our premium-quality Yogurt Plus starter contains a unique blend of 5 key species (S. thermophilus, L. delbrueckii, L. plantarum, L. Reuteri, B. longum, non-GMO inulin) and yields a rich, living, probiotic yogurt. 

Our Yogurt Plus can be cultured in a standard yogurt maker.

It is cultured for about 8 hours, which means that if you make the yogurt early enough, you could eat it the same day. (But do let the yogurt completely cool in the fridge before consumption.)

Which equipment will you need? You will need a yogurt maker or a similar device. 

Does the milk need to be heated up? Yes. As part of the preps, the milk should be heated to 180 F, and then cooled to 100 F - 110 F. You could use a simple thermometer to check the temperature.

What to expect of the resulting yogurt?

  • Thick consistency (depending on the milk you used)
  • Pleasantly mild, fresh and refreshing flavor

Yes, I'd like to buy it!

When you buy a pouch of Yogurt Plus starter, you get 4 packets of starter culture. Each such packet makes 1¼ quarts. Every time you make yogurt, you can keep some of it to culture your next batch -- a process that can be repeated several times over. In total, you can make up to 40 quarts of yogurt with this one pouch alone, just by reculturing.

Cool tips!

  • Save time by making larger quantities. You can do this starting from the 2nd batch.
  • Looking for a healthy dessert? Look no further. Cut up some fruit, and stir into a bowl of yogurt. Sprinkle a natural sweetener if desired, top with nuts or cereals, and voilà! A lovely, impromptu, healthy treat. (Need some inspiration? Check out this recipe)

Try it, you'll love it!