Probiotic dip

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2022 Oct 21st

Probiotic dip

    Today we'll be making a flavorful probiotic dip, suitable with vegetable sticks or as a salad dressing or all by itself! 

    This recipe will work great with:

    As opposed to factory-made dips, ours will be made of a real, living food (L. Reuteri or L. Gasseri or yogurt). It will therefore taste fresh, alive, and quite a bit tangier than store-bought equivalents. 

    This pleasant tang is the result of a long fermentation process of our homemade fermented dairy: 

    • L. Reuteri Superfood ferments for 36 hours
    • L. Gasseri Superfood ferments for 36 hours
    • Yogurt Plus yogurt ferments for about 8 hours 

    For comparison, factory-made fermented dairy is often fermented for about 4 hours (depends on the product).

    Not crazy about tang? Yogurt Plus will yield a much milder flavor. 

    Looking for more tang? Go for either L. Reuteri or L. Gasseri superfoods

    Makes: 1 small bowl
    Prep times: 5 minutes


    In the making

    • 1 cup fermented dairy (You can use both curds and whey: use more curds than whey for a thicker consistency)
    • Black pepper, a pinch
    • Ground sweet paprika, a pinch
    • Ground turmeric, a pinch
    • Fresh or dried dill, a pinch
    • Any other fresh/dried herb/seasoning to your liking, such as salt, sliced olives, onion, garlic, etc.

    Add all ingredients into a bowl, stir well. Refrigerate or serve.