Super easy kefir-banana smoothie

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2021 Dec 2nd

Super easy kefir-banana smoothie

Banana & kefir smoothie

On the menu today is a quick smoothie made with plain homemade kefir and banana. It's so quick to prep, that it would be faster to make it than to read this post to the end.

You will only need two ingredients, to which, if you like, you could add a few optional ones.

What you MUST have is a cup of plain kefir and a ripe banana. 

What you CAN add is milk of your choice (for a thinner consistency), vanilla extract, natural sweetener, cinnamon, strawberries, cream, coconut flakes, etc.

Prep time: 2 minutes
Serves: 1

1 cup plain kefir
1 ripe banana

Gently blend kefir with banana (and any optional ingredient) till desired consistency. Serve or refrigerate.

Psst! The best kefir is the one you make yourself! To make your own kefir with our Easy Kefir starter culture, click here.