Ten tips for making awesome Kefir Soda!

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 Oct 4th

Ten tips for making awesome Kefir Soda!


Making Kefir Soda?

Check out our tips for making awesome bottles of this splendidly effervescent probiotic beverage!

  1. Fermentation creates strong carbonation. Use thick flip-top bottles made for brewing (not from a craft store).
  2. Leave some headspace in the bottle to let the mixture expand.
  3. Use a funnel. It will make pouring liquids into the bottles much easier. 
  4. While fermenting, carefully burp the bottles several times a day to release pressure. You don't want to end up with Kefir Soda on your ceiling.
  5. Get creative and ferment mixes of different juices for new flavors and colors. For example, ferment a golden juice (like pineapple) together with a red juice (like mixed berries) for a peachy hue.
  6. Starting from the 2nd batch, you can make larger quantities. Keep all the ingredients in proportion. To make two bottles, just double the quantities: use one cup of kefir soda from your first bottle as a starter, four cups of juice or coconut water, and just under three cups of water. Mix well and pour evenly into your brewing bottles.
  7. Store the ready Kefir Soda in the fridge to slow down the carbonation. Consume within one to two weeks.
  8. Even after you've placed the ready Kefir Soda in the fridge, keep popping the top gently to release pressure from time to time.
  9. For best results, reculture within one week (make a new bottle using some of your prepared kefir soda as a starter). 
  10. When reculturing, do not add new starter from a sachet. Use your prepared kefir soda as a starter. Mix the ingredients, and ferment in a sealed brewing bottle on the counter for a day or two, depending on the ambient temperature. Carefully pop the top several times a day to release pressure.

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