The history of kefir in a nutshell

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2024 Feb 29th

The history of kefir in a nutshell

The time: thousands of years ago

The place: the Caucasus region of Eurasia (see map below)

The people: nomadic tribes

The challenge: bringing milk on long journeys 

The solution: carrying the milk in leather pouches 

The discovery: the milk did not spoil but thickened and developed a pleasant yeasty tartness

*    *    * 

To this day, kefir is a popular cultured dairy beverage in Eastern and Northern Europe.

Nowadays we don't need to carry milk in leather pouches across the vast expanses of Eurasia to enjoy a glass of refreshing homemade kefir.

While homemade kefir is often made with kefir grains, our company, Cutting Edge Cultures, went a step further and developed a starter culture in a powder form made from freeze-dried kefir grains. Just add the Easy Kefir starter to milk and let the mixture ferment for about 24 hours at room temperature.

Once you've made a batch of kefir using our Easy Kefir starter, you can save some of it to culture your next batch. This is called 'reculturing' and can be repeated several times over.

The Caucusus