Should you make large batches? (Pros & cons)

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2024 Mar 14th

Should you make large batches? (Pros & cons)

Should you make large batches of fermented dairy?


  • If you eat fermented dairy often and/or you make it for more than one person, then making large quantities once in a while is more efficient than making small quantities frequently.


  • If you only eat fermented dairy occasionally and/or you only make it for one person, then there's no point in making large quantities.

Points to consider: 

  • If you make large quantities, you may need larger jars and a device that can hold such jars.


  • Follow the instructions closely. 
  • Keep the ratios in proportion: for example, to make 2 quarts (half-gallon), double the quantities of all the ingredients.
  • Remember to save some of your finished fermented dairy as a starter for future batches!