A very KEFIRLICIOUS float!

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 May 30th

A very KEFIRLICIOUS float!

We're kefirring all the way today!

To create this awesome float, we topped Kefir Soda made with our Kefir Soda Starter with kefir ice cream made with our Easy Kefir Starter.

It's kefir top to bottom!

And it's fermented and probiotic.

To make these goodies, see:

Make the Kefir Soda and kefir ice cream (for which you need to have made Easy Kefir) a couple of days in advance, so that they're ready when you want to make the float.


  1. Pour Kefir Soda into glass, leaving some headspace.
  2. Top with kefir ice cream. 
  3. Serve.

Have fun with it.

Try different flavors of Kefir Soda and Kefir ice cream. See Chocolate & berry kefir ice cream

A shoutout to Donna Schwenk from Cultured Food Life for coming up with the idea of making a float!