Sourdough and kefir ice cream Pac-Man

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 May 24th

Sourdough and kefir ice cream Pac-Man


It's quite rare that Pac-Man makes an appearance on someone's plate. 

There are rumors, though, that on special occasions such as birthdays, he might do just that.

Not only that, but he might appear in a fermented form if he's aware the celebration is for an avid fermenter.

Introducing a fermented Pac-Man, made of sourdough and kefir cream!

As can be seen, Pac-Man is just being himself and doing what he always does: eat 'pellets' (or rather, blueberries.)

Aren't homemade fermented foods fun, or what?

Our jolly Pac-Man is made of several homemade fermented foods:

  • Sourdough for the chocolate pancake
  • Kefir cream (or yogurt) for the "eyes"
  • Kefir cream for the ice cream

To make these goodies, see:

Play with it and have fun.

Cut the pancake into various shapes, and decorate with yogurt, kefir cream, kefir ice cream, and fruit.

Enjoy it and be creative.

A caveat: Both sourdough and kefir are distinctly tangy, which might not be for everybody. Adjust the dessert to the person's taste.