Are homemade fermented foods "fast foods"?

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 Feb 9th

 Are homemade fermented foods "fast foods"?

Fruit-flavored yogurt

Are homemade fermented foods "fast foods"?

Well, no.

And yes.

If by "Fast Food" we refer to poor-quality heavily-processed convenience food, then no, homemade fermented foods are not "Fast Food" by any stretch. 

By contrast, if we refer to the speed in which a previously-made homemade ferment can be turned into a fun treat, then yes, your homemade fermented food is a super fast food!


  1. Kefir-banana smoothie (2-minute preps, based on a previously-made kefir)
  2. Fruit-flavored yogurt (2-minute preps, based on a previously-made yogurt)
  3. Sourdough mini pizzas (15-minute preps, based on a previously-made sourdough bread)

The fruit-flavored yogurt in the picture, by the way, is the real thing, made with homemade yogurt and topped with fresh fruit. No added sugar, no other nasties; just homemade yogurt and fruit, bursting with freshness and flavor. 

We whipped it up in 2 minutes and served it right away. It doesn't get any faster than that. So it's definitely a fast food.

This treat is far better than the sweetened, industrial, processed version you get in the store, which was certainly not produced 2 minutes ago and which, despite the healthy image, is closer to ice cream than to fresh yogurt.

Homemade fermented foods can be fresh, flavorful, fun, healthy, and fast -- all at the same time. 

Our dessert requires a previously-made yogurt. Start here or get a good-quality unsweetened yogurt in the store.