QUIZ: Guess the fermented food!

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2024 Feb 6th

QUIZ: Guess the fermented food!

Today we have a quiz for you.

Can you guess the fermented food?

The answers are at the bottom, but try guessing them without peeking.


Let's go.

# 1 

This fermented food is made of milk.

It's easy-peasy to make. You don't need any appliance.  

It ferments on the kitchen counter at room temperature for about 24 hours. Which fermented food is it?

# 2 

This fermented food is made of shredded cabbage. 

It comes from Central Europe. 

You need some salt to keep it crunchy. Which fermented food is it?

# 3 

This fermented food is made of milk. 

It needs to be fermented at about 110 F for 8 hours. You need an appliance for the fermentation since room temperatures are not warm enough for this food.

Cutting Edge Cultures has a starter culture that makes one of the best varieties of this food, with 5 select beneficial bacteria. Which fermented food is it?

# 4 


This is a fermented beverage.

It comes from Eastern Europe.

It's originally made of beets or stale bread and water, but you can use other fruits and vegetables, too.

You don't need a starter culture to ferment it. 

It ferments in a jar on the kitchen counter for several days, and comes out tangy and quite fizzy. Which fermented beverage is it?

# 5

This is a fermented beverage.

You need a starter culture to make it.

It's made of fruit juice or coconut water.

You need sturdy bottles to ferment it in, and you need to burp the bottles often to release pressure. 

This beverage is not available in the stores. You need to make it yourself. Which fermented beverage is it?

# 6

This fermented food is made of milk.

Many people mistake it for yogurt, but it's not a yogurt.

It ferments for 36 hours, and needs temperatures around 100 F, which are similar to the warmth of the human body. 

It needs prebiotic fiber to be added to the milk as food for the bacteria to consume during fermentation. Without this fiber, the bacteria will run out of energy. 

The very long fermentation of 36 hours results in super active fermentation, which sometimes causes the milk to separate into solid and liquid. This natural separation is very common and is usually just cosmetic. Which fermented food is it?

# 7

This fermented food is made of shredded vegetables. 

It comes from East Asia.

Spices such as ginger, garlic, and hot peppers are commonly added to the mixture. Which fermented food is it?

# 8 


This fermented food is made of flour and water. 

It's fermented for several days at room temperature on the kitchen counter. 

When the mixture is tangy and bubbly, it can be baked. Which fermented food is it?

# 9

This is a fermented beverage.

It's made of tea, and requires the presence of a "mushroom" made of bacteria and yeasts.

It's widely available in the grocery stores these days, but homemade versions are often better. Which fermented beverage is it?

# 10 


This is a fermented condiment.

It's quite salty.

It's commonly made of soybeans or rice, is fermented for a very long time, and yields a thick brown paste that can be used in soups, sauces, or as a spread.

It comes from Japan.

Which fermented condiment is it?

Time to check the answers! 

How well did you do?

1) Kefir,  2) Sauerkraut,  3) Yogurt,  4) Kvass,  5) Kefir Soda, 6) L. Reuteri SuperfoodL. Gasseri Superfood, 7) Kimchi, 8) Sourdough, 9) Kombucha, 10) Miso