What's the secret ingredient of great fermentation?

Posted by Cutting Edge Cultures on 2023 Mar 14th

What's the secret ingredient of great fermentation?

Homemade probiotic yogurt

What's the one ingredient that's an absolute must in any quality fermentation, but won't appear on the ingredient list? 



It's time!

That's right, time.

Luckily, time is free and will never run out.

Real fermentation takes time, which is why fermenting your own food at home, where you are in control over the process, is often a much better option than buying a commercially mass-produced fermented product in the grocery store.

While many factory-made fermented foods are only fermented briefly, you may choose to make an alternative that is fermented for much longer. You don't want any shortcuts.

In their very essence, fermented foods are slow foods. We need to let those friendly microorganisms ferment in peace for however long they need. 


  • Sourdough needs to be fermented for roughly 8 hours
  • Yogurt for around 8 hours
  • Kefir for about 24 hours
  • L. Reuteri Superfood / L. Gasseri Superfood for 36 hours
  • Kefir Soda for several days
  • Fruit and vegetable kvass for several days
  • Kimchi and sauerkraut for about a week

Our probiotic Yogurt Plus is fermented for 8 hours, and our L. Reuteri Superfood and L. Gasseri Superfood , while not yogurts, for 36 hours.

Looking for a healthy replacement for soda pop? Had enough of artificially carbonated soft drinks? Our Kefir Soda Starter will ferment and fizz your choice of fruit juice or coconut water over several days, creating a naturally sparkling, exquisite, refreshing, probiotic beverage.

Homemade fermented foods stand in stark contrast to the mindless grabbing of any old industrial foodstuff off the shelf in the grocery store.

In a fast-paced world, fermentation reminds us that some things are worth investing time and work in. Nutritious homemade fermented food is one of them.